2019 Bike Tours

 Authentic, Unique and Memorable tours in rural eastern Oregon offering continual sag support, lodging and catered meals.

Group size 8-16 cyclists

John Day Fossil Beds Nat'l Monument May 2016

John Day Fossil Beds Nat’l Monument May 2016

Join one of my pre-arranged tours or bring your entire group to eastern Oregon. You will have the services of seasoned sag support staff, good home cook ‘in and an intimate experience in each of the small communities we visit.

We take whatever cabins, motel or lodge there is. The rooms are sometimes quirky but always clean and the beds are comfortable if you’ve put enough miles in.  Every effort is made to get you the best room but don’t be surprised if you are sharing a room.

Whenever we can, we have the local 4-H groups and youth fundraisers provide dinner. Meals and snacks are organic when possible and free of nitrates, msg, high fructose corn syrup and fake sugars. If you prefer your meals to be gluten free or vegetarian just let us know.

To learn more about what the tours are like, click on the Itinerary tab and check out the post What are Christy’s Tours Like? To learn more about Christy Rheu click on the Oregon Cycling Pioneer post.

I am a family law mediator with a bachelor’s degree in community services, a master’s degree in administration of nonprofits and post graduate work in alternative dispute resolution.

Bicycling, community and volunteering have always been a part of my life.  Besides putting on bike tours, I host cyclists who are riding across the country on the Trans America route or pedaling the Old West Scenic Bikeway.