What are Christy’s tours like?

Accepting, accommodating, adventurous and peaceful.  Sometimes you are the only one on the road and it is quiet and the scenery is beautiful.  You will be part of a community of 12-22 average cyclists, most over the age of 50, climbing to 5,000 ft, descending to river level and sharing in a happy day! The food is good and there is lots of it.  

We each help load the sag/pickup and take on a volunteer job. The roads are good and there is not much traffic. We have a sag driver along carrying our luggage and coolers with the beverages you bring.  There’s a rest stop every 12-15 miles.  You look forward to seeing the sag rig at the top of the hills.

What is unique about the tours is beds!  We sleep in beds, sometimes in old funky motels, sometimes in converted garages and sometimes in pretty nice places.  It is a lot of fun if you have an adventurous spirit and sense of humor.

This is rural America; there are no espressos, no fancy coffees, no microbrews, no malbacs or pinots or ATMs.

Lodging, rest stops, dinners and breakfast are included.