Suggested Packing Checklist

You are allowed 1 duffel bag; you must be able to lift it above your head for loading.  NO personal coolers will be transported. There will be plenty of iced cooler space available for marked beverages.  Space in the dry cooler will be limited to one marked Tupperware per person.
The following list may be useful for last minute packing.
For the Group

____Planned appetizer for Happy Hour or cookies

For the Bike

____Your Bike – In good working order


____Rear view mirror

____20-oz -1 liter bottle (water available ~ every 15 miles)

____Frame bike pump

____Simple tools (tubes, patch kit, pump)

____Small bungee cord

Cycling Clothing

____Short-sleeve jerseys (2)

____Long-sleeve jerseys (1)

____Shorts (2)

____Arm warmers and leg warmers or tights (1)

____Wind jacket or Rain jacket

____Bike shoes

____Biking socks (2-3)

____Bike gloves


____Hankies/ bandana

Evening Clothing


____Long pants

____Socks (3-4)


____Long-sleeve shirts (1-2)

____Shoes or Sandles

____Swimsuit if we are stopping at Ritter Hot Springs


Towels and washcloths will be available. Do not bring.

____Toothbrush and toothpaste

____Skin lotion/moisturizer

____Sunscreen and sunburn care lotions

____Lip balm

____Chamois butter

____Soap and shampoo

____Personal hygiene products

____Pain reliever such as aspirin or ibuprofen

____Vitamins and prescriptions

­­­­­­­­­___Flashlight or headlamp


____Camera if desired

_____Phone charger

____Personal ID


____Plastic bag for dirty laundry

I will have an extended First Aid Kit, 650 and 700 size tubes and spare tires, and floor pumps